Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Hometown Sarasota Holiday

Isn't this time of year simply the best? Cold, sloppy and wet, less and less daylight, dead leaves everywhere, can't play golf after work, etc. Oops, wait…those are the reasons you should live in Sarasota, Florida! I have lived in Sarasota all my life and have seen many winters come and go, and yes, we do celebrate the holidays just like our northern friends. Almost.

Many from the North think Floridians miss out on all the fun of the holidays.  A lack of snow in our forecast here in Sarasota doesn’t mean we won’t be able to have a “white holiday”.  We enjoy the white sands of our wonderful beaches in December as easily as we do in June. Frosty the Snowman will not come to life in any Florida yard. We take great pride in lighting our palm trees and setting up fiber optic sleighs pulled by holiday hat clad alligators and flamingos. (It’s not tacky at all). Our homes may not have stockings hung by the chimney, although wet bathing suits and towels are often strung across the lanai with great care.

Even if you are living in a cave, you couldn't miss the radiant glow of all the Sarasota neighborhoods shimmering with bright lights around town…and on boats! Pine trees are trucked in from up north and sold in red and white tents along the roads. The Salvation Army volunteers ring bells and take donations. Shoppers hustle through the malls and stores spending more than necessary. But, these things are all done while we are wearing shorts and flip flops.  Just another day in Paradise!

Some folks turn the air conditioning down as far as it will go, (I have been known to do that at my wife’s request) to get the house cool enough to light a fire in the fireplace. (The local grocery stores carry firewood.) Others go all out with lights and decorations all around the house, the same as up north. Cookies are baked, hams and turkeys are roasted, and families manage to connect, even if it is across the phone and internet lines. The holidays are still special no matter where you are. So, to all those contemplating joining us in the Sunshine State, come on down and buy a home in Sarasota…you will not regret your move. You will soon make new friends, start new traditions and enjoy the Holidays in a new way.  The holidays are the holidays no matter what part of the country you happen to be in, but if you have yet to experience a uniquely Florida holiday, I encourage you to come and visit. Grab your sandals and come on down. And I am confident that you will fall in love with Sarasota and want to buy a house! And when you do, I'm your Hometown Sarasota Realtor!

This holiday season, I am especially grateful for all my clients and friends! Thank you for your trust, business, referrals and friendship.  Thank you for letting me help you with these life transitions.  I wish you happiness and peace during this holiday season and in the year ahead. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Sarasota Quay

Finally! The Sarasota Quay project is moving forward. We all have lots of memories of this property and the "hole" on the Bayfront lasted too long! The definition of the word 'quay' is:  a landing place, especially one of solid masonry, constructed along the edge of a body of water. I have a vague memory of learning that way back in Sarasota's history, this area was indeed a port of sorts. I will do some research on that!

Per the Sarasota Herald Tribune, the massive mixed-use Quay Sarasota development received final city approval on 12/5/16 after years of planning. The potential $1 billion project will combine commercial, residential and office buildings on the long-vacant property and transform the downtown waterfront over the next decade. The project is located on 14-acres located on US 41 in downtown Sarasota, Florida and is considered by many to be the most significant redevelopment project in the history of Sarasota. The Quay, Hyatt, 888, G.WIZ and Van Wezel were built on fill added in the 1960's.

My memories of the Quay relate back to the famous Lido Casino sea horses…In the 1980’s the developer of the Quay project on Sarasota’s Bayfront brought the delightful iconic figure back to the community. The majestic sea horses were again cast in concrete, from the original design and attached to the Sarasota Quay. The Quay opened in 1987 with eleven sea horses adorning its entryway and main plaza and once again these magical statues became the backdrop for photographic portraits. Visitors and residents, young and old came to the Quay and posed for a picture with them. History has a way of repeating itself. The sea horses again lost their home after 20 years. This time the horses were rescued by citizens interested in seeing the icons returned to the community.

The Quay was demolished in 2007 and the valuable property where the Quay stood is now a non-accessible grass field, with the Belle Haven remaining, tucked away in the back corner on 4th Street, next to the Hyatt Hotel. I am delighted to know that the Bell Haven will be restored as part of this project.

If you are looking for a real estate in Sarasota, Florida, give me a call at 941-315-1185 and I will be glad to show you around my Home Town and find you a great home!

Read the Sarasota Herald Tribune article here:…/quay-sarasota-project-wins-c…